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In the business world, you will be faced with important decisions every day. That's why our School of Management undergraduate business degrees prepare you for today's competitive business world by teaching the frameworks and techniques that make those decisions easier.


If you are not native English speaker or you do not have proper TOEFL or IELTS score, then you have to pass the pre university programs. After graduation you can apply to any available university.


United States visa is one of the hardest to get. However F1 has certain advantages. A month after you’ll go to University you will be able to get CPT (which is an official work permit) and OPT (optional practical training), which will let you legally obtain a work permit after you will graduate.




- Tuition fee is $ 600 per month.

- Length of language program is one year, but you do not have to study the whole year, if you don't want to. You can finish it as soon as you will reach a certain level

of English proficiency.

- You don’t have to study the whole year most university programs have year round admission. So basically if your English level is high you can switch to a degree program after 2-3 months of language preparation.

- You have to have bank statement (at least $ 15.000/ no more than 3 month old). We do not need it, you will need to show this account to accepting university for obtaining an invitation and to embassy of US to obtain a visa.

- Housing fee changes from state to state normally it is between 550 – 1200 USD per month.


Do not hesitate to email us if you’ll have any question and apply.



Get work authorization while doing your Bachelor degree:



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