BU technician training program


BU technician training:


BU has started to provide technician training recently. Although, we are new in this business we are only organization that guarantees a job after graduation. Training with BU costs 1000$ and lasts approximately from 1 week till 10 days. The price and timing is carefully measured and are calculated regarding to other offers in market. We have copied a schedule of timing and prices offered by other companies.























*Names of companies are not shown in full, as a measure of avoiding illegal name usage.





With BU vocational training you will get:


-Most affordable training in the market

-Daily real life training with professionals

-Guaranteed 20-25$ per hour paying job


You can apply any time via our form and we will get back to you.



417 North Ardmore str,

Los Angeles, California


E. office@buniversities.com



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