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BU business school is one of the best in its kind. Not only our student get chance to study with best instructors, they also are able to obtain legal work authorization in United States via CPT. The Department of Business offers Associate, Bachelor, and Master degree programs that seeks to develop the critical, analytical, and communication skills of the complete business executive of tomorrow by taking advantage of the most advanced theories, applications, and educational tools of today.


The faculty visualize the IAU graduate as an individual equipped with the broadest range of capabilities to maximize U.S. competitiveness, effectively meeting the challenges of a changing international, economic, legal, social, political, and technological environment.





1) You will have to submit online application.

2) You will have to wait till BU representatives will email you invitation payment form and all other necessary documents.

3) You will get guidelines on visa documentation and then receive a visa.

4) You will depart to the country of destination.




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