BU in Europe


BU in European Union


There are several institutions all around the Europe who work with BU. Locations are Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland. There different scholarship, work & study programs available..


One of the main features of BU in Europe is that you can work and study at the same time. This is done completely due to local rules and regulations.


We offer:


• Annual tuition fee of 1500€ in local language and 2500€ in English

• Minimum monthly salary of 500€ (normally students get paid higher, this is a minimum)

• Education widely recognized in Europe and other parts of the world

• University guarantees that you will be placed to a job

• Documents needed for admission – passport, school certificate with transcript and a bank statement at least of 2000-3000€ or equivalent

• High visa acceptance from India, Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Nepal and other countries


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Get work authorization while doing your degree:



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