Frequently asked questions



1. What is BU? Do we get guaranteed admission?

- BU is international provider of educational services. We operate worldwide serving thousands of students.


2. Does BU guarantee that student will receive visa and if yes how long it takes to obtain a visa.

- BU visa approval rate is over 90%. However nor BU or any other University can guarantee that you will be granted a visa for sure.


3. How much money I have to pay?

- Each country has information regarding BU tuition fees. For instance in Eastern Europe some universities charge 300$ per year, while in United States it might be 500$ per month.


4. How long are visas valid?

- Normally student visas are granted for a period of time of 1 year. Again it depends, rules and regulations are for each country.


5. Are there any guarantees that student will be admitted or get visas.

- We notify students regarding their chances of getting visas before they will be admitted.


6. What kind of jobs are available for students and how much they pay?


- If you have a qualification you can search for a qualified job normally pay rate is 20-40$ per hour. Which makes around 5000$. But if you don’t have a qualification or for some reason was not able to find a job which fits it, you can easily find non qualification requiring jobs like, waiter, seller in mall, mover, phone technician (is also available thru BU vocational program with guaranteed job placement).




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