For investors and agent cooperation


BU is open for cooperation with investors and agents.


For investors:


If you are interested investor please provide us with information regarding yourself and your opportunities. After careful consideration our specialists will reach out to you. If your offer will be approved we will send you detailed presentation with proper business plan. After we will be able to host you in one of our facilities located worldwide.




For agents:


BU operates in different parts of the world with very different institutions but our main difference from others is lowest prices in the market and exclusive opportunities for agents worldwide.


There is no prepayment condition for any of our programs.


We have an increasing number of partner universities accepting students from the BU Foundation Program and students are able to choose the best university option to suit their needs.


BU guarantees every student a university place at the end of his or her university foundation program. Students will enter Year 1 of a UK three year degree program and will get credit exemptions from our US partner universities for the first year of a four year degree program.


We will give you good levels of commission for enrolled and paid up students and with some of our partners we will be able to give you a follow on commission share. We pay 10% of agent fees and allow agents to charge additional application fees.



In BU we believe in equal opportunities and responsibilities that we carry on with our partners. We look forward to hear from you!


Please do not hesitate to contact us via for any inquiries regarding cooperation.





1.The EDUCATION PROVIDER agrees to give the AGENT the authority to introduce and recommend individual students to the EDUCATION PROVIDER in accordance with the admission standards and policies of the EDUCATION PROVIDER, and/or any other guidelines agreed by both parties.




2. The EDUCATION PROVIDER shall endeavour to provide the AGENT complete and up-to-date information on


the EDUCATION PROVIDER with regard to the programmes, course structure, fee schedules, admissions policies and other important aspects so as to assist in the proper counselling of prospective students. At its own expense the EDUCATION PROVIDER shall provide the AGENT with adequate stocks of current prospectus, information leaflets, application forms and other useful promotional materials.


3.The EDUCATION PROVIDER shall answer any enquiries and send all correspondence and related documents to the AGENT promptly via the most efficient means.


4.The EDUCATION PROVIDER shall send all the necessary documents to the AGENT for student passport procedures and visa application before receiving fees remitted from the AGENT.


Commission Payments


5.For each individual student enrolled at the EDUCATION PROVIDER, following recommendation by the AGENT, the EDUCATION PROVIDER shall pay to the AGENT a professional fee amounting to [10]% of the 12 week tuition fee for academic courses. This fee shall be remitted in the form of Bank Transfer Wire Service to the AGENT upon the completion of the 12 week tuition fee enrolled at the EDUCATION PROVIDER.


6.Payments will be made only on receipt of invoice, which must include the student’s name, student ID number (or date of birth), the courses of study and commencement date.


7.The EDUCATION PROVIDER reserves the right to refuse a student’s application if it considers that there are justifiable reasons to do so.


8.The EDUCATION PROVIDER will not pay a commission if the AGENT does not indicate on the Application Form that they represent the student. If the student withdraws from their course of study within the official refund period, then,

the EDUCATION PROVIDER only owes the AGENT the prorated of the entire student tuition.


Performance of Duties


10.The EDUCATION PROVIDER will review the AGENT’s performance annually. This could be by way of student satisfaction surveys, interviews.


11.The EDUCATION PROVIDER will direct the AGENT to a copy of the contract with the EDUCATION PROIVDER with its original signatures from both parties.


12.The EDUCATION PROVIDER will advise the AGENT that ethical performance by the AGENT is of paramount






1.The AGENT shall advise, evaluate and screen all prospective students and shall collect from the students on behalf of the EDUCATION PROVIDER the necessary application forms, reports, testimonials, financial guarantee letters, and any other documents requested by the EDUCATION PROVIDER these will then be transmitted to the EDUCATION PROVIDER.


2.The services and responsibilities of the AGENT to the EDUCATION PROVIDER shall include promotion of


the EDUCATION PROVIDER, its programs, and other services for students. The AGENT shall also give advice to prospective students and parents to ensure they have a full understanding before committing to enrollment.


3.In the advising of individuals and dissemination of information, the AGENT shall take all reasonable measure to ensure that only factual and up-to-date information is given.


4.The AGENT shall endeavour to introduce and recommend individuals who are academically and financially qualified for admission to the EDUCATION PROVIDER.


5.The AGENT shall submit complete documentation including signatures of the student's application to the EDUCATION PROVIDER promptly.



7.The AGENT shall ensure the EDUCATION PROVIDER receives the tuition and any other fees from the students and the AGENT will remit these amounts to the EDUCATION PROVIDER by Bank’s Wire transfers.




8.The AGENT will not engage in any false, misleading or deceptive conduct or otherwise contravene any of the EDUCATION PROVIDER’S obligations under the Code of Practice for the Education of International Students.


8.The AGENT agrees to comply with the Rules and Regulations for the education of International Students and understands that any breaches of the Code may result in the termination of this agreement.





This Agreement is subject to cancellation by either party on notice of two (2) weeks. The Agreement shall be valid for three (3) years from the date of signature. Any renewal of the Agreement will be negotiated.


If the EDUCATION PROVIDER becomes aware that the AGENT is engaging in false, misleading or deceptive conduct or otherwise contravening the EDUCATION PROVIDER’S obligations under the Code,


the EDUCATION PROVIDER will immediately advise the AGENT in writing to cease that activity. If the AGENT fails to cease, the EDUCATION PROVIDER will i





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